Bernardo Giuseppe Giovanni Carlo (‘Bernie’) Carano, Savino’s son, started working at Piemonte Market when he was 15. Savino passed unique family recipes and artisanal sausage making technique to Bernie. The delicious sweet (mild), hot and breakfast sausages were a hit. They were preferred by fine cooks throughout the Detroit area. One of the most popular items sold at Piemonte Market they eaten grilled, in spaghetti sauce and rustic stews. The sweet (mild), hot and breakfast sausage, using the same Carano family recipes tasted delicious and were a hit. Made from fresh pork with no fillers or preservatives, the sausages tasted like home to their paesani. Ultimately, the popularity of the sausage carried the store, supporting two families initially and then three when Bernie became a full partner after returning home from the US Navy following World War II