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Welcome to the Piemonte Sausage Website


Welcome to the Piemonte Sausage Website!

We are excited to have a way to communicate with you regularly to alert you  to new products and new locations for our sausage products.

We would also like to hear from you.

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High Quality, Local Ingredients

We use locally sourced all natural meats, fresh herbs and spices.

Like the family sausage makers before us, we grind and blend all our own spices and herbs for each sausage variety, creating a more flavorful sausage. No premixed flavorings for Piemonte Sausage.

New Line of chicken sausage!
for summer grilling…

Summer 2015

New Line of chicken sausage! for summer grilling…

Piemonte Sausage is introducing their new line of chicken sausages for Summer 2015. Four distinctive varieties of sausage are here for your grilling enjoyment from May to October. You can find them at Common Ground Food Co-op and Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery, Urbana and Cheese and Crackers, Champaign;:

POLLO & MELA (CHICKEN & APPLE SAUSAGE): Light and delicious…Our chicken and apple sausage is extra tasty. Apples, herbs and spices combine to complement the natural chicken. It is hand-crafted in a natural sheep casing. (Available in links)

POLLO MAROCCHINO (MOROCCAN CHICKEN SAUSAGE): Take a trip with your taste buds Our Moroccan Chicken Sausage is an exotic blend of Mediterranean and North African flavors. It is a fusion of distinctive herbs, spices and chicken in a natural sheep sausage casing that is sure to delight your palate. (Available in links.)

POLLO, JALAPENO & BASILICO (CHICKEN, JALAPENO & BASIL SAUSAGE): Light and spicy, full of summer flavor… Our chicken, jalapeno and basil sausage incorporates fresh ingredients from the summer garden to complement this chicken sausage in a natural sheep casing. (Available in links.)

POLLO & POMODORI SECCHI (CHICKEN & SUNDRIED TOMATO SAUSAGE): Sun dried tomatoes and chicken, perfect summer flavors… Our chicken sausage with sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and wine give this chicken sausage in a sheep casing a light, distinctive flavor. A favorite of the people of the Calabria Region of Italy. (Available in links.)

Try them all!