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Summer Grillin’ with Linked or Patty Sausage

Summer Grilling… All of our sausages taste great on the grill or roasted in the oven. They are perfect for summer picnics or simple dinners that satisfy everyone… Grilled Linked or Patty Sausage Ingredients 1-1.5 lbs. Piemonte Sausage (your favorite link or patty) Preparation: Heat the grill to medium. For linked sausage, remove from package, […]

Memorial Day BBQs celebrate with the best!

Time for grilling, picnics and days at the pool. A perfect time to grill or roast Luganeca Piacenza or Luganeca Monza Piemonte Sausage. Made in a small coil, you can grill the two Luganeca style sausages all at once and cut up for appetizers or a finger food snack. Happy grilling!

Capocollo now ready! Spicy/Hot and Sweet/Mild

Two flavors to choose from! Spicy/Hot and Sweet/Mild Definition: An Italian ham that is prepared by mixing meat from pork necks (capo or head) and shoulders (collo) with seasonings. It is mildly cured and seasoned with hot or sweet peppers, as well as salt and sugar. It is stuffed into a natural casing and air-dried. […]

Keeping a Family Tradition in the Family

Susan (Carano) Cole and Carol Carano Youngblood making sausage together. Wouldn’t Dad be pleased! Photos: Susan and Carol. #2 Russ and Carol Carano Youngblood helping to prepare the Lonzino for dry cure. #3 and 4  Russ helping with the sausage making and packaging.

Local Farm Food (Sausage) at Babie’s and Brunch!

Join Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery every Saturday in April for a perennial favorite, “Babies & Brunch”! Next one is Saturday April 13th. Come out to the farm and visit with the new baby goats, see the emerging signs of spring, buy local farm products, and enjoy a locally-sourced delicious morning brunch! This free, family-friendly […]

Restaurant and Retail … Calling all Chefs

Restaurant and Retail Notable chefs are currently incorporating our sausage and salumi into their menus. – If you are a retailer or chef contact us to see how you can incorporate Piemonte Sausage and Salumi into your offerings. – Have a unique sausage or salumi requirement? We produce private label sausages using customers’ recipes or […]